We perform advocacy and legal advice to the companies aiming the Litigation Management, both legal and administrative. We also perform through the development of methods and legal procedures direct in the client routine, with the purpose to identify and eliminate distortions that could result in legal developments.

This commitment is supported in the diversity of acting, as well as in dedication, involvement, and excellent background of the members. The complete fulfillment of the potential of each one of the professionals, associated to an environment that stimulates the development permanently, is the way to ensure the market the technical quality of our services.

This process of expanding raised the time´s proficiency, and contributed to the strengthening of the experience of our Law firm in all relevant spheres of the Corporate Law.

Performing in Sao Paulo state, and others Brazilian states, in order to make possible the support to the client.

Vision, Mission and Values

Aware to the changes, we adapt ourselves to the new legal positions that will interfere in the future, as well as adjusting us according to the clients´ interests. Prioritizing, most of all, the humanization face to the legal relations, and striving, within the limits of the ethics and the professionalism, the intransigent search for the clients´ rights.